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Farmers ring the changes by cutting out the middleman

A car park overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is an unlikely spot for an agricultural revolution. But that was the setting on a wet Wednesday evening in the middle of July this year, when the rain came lashing and the first instalment of the Lahinch REKO Ring took place.

Despite the foreboding weather, seeds were sown on that first REKO (translation 'fair consumption') Wednesday in west Clare which, over the past few months, have started to germinate.


RedBull: Social Innovation

Why This Irish Legend Swapped Pro Surfing for Eco-Farming on the West Coat


"It’s been a few years since Irish surf champion Fergal Smith transitioned from the high airmile life of a pro surfer to working the land in West Ireland..."



Surfer's Who Planted Trees


“moy hill farm is grounded in our work towards a better food system, yet is also part of a wider movement, part of what have been called Institutes for Technologies of Reunion.” 



Why should you help moy hill?


"It's a wild morning at the farm, the first winter weather pattern arrived last night, the front arrived, southerly and rain around midnight. There is a feeling that waves are coming. "


Wavelength MAG

moy hill farm are trying to expand their good work...


‘The Moy Hill Project is important because it provides a model that others could follow’ -Eamon Ryan (The leader of the Green Party Ireland)



Meet the Mayo man who swapped pro surfing for organic farming


"We are losing our sense of community in rural Ireland, which is causing huge isolation. Everyone has their own car and goes to the shop on their own, so we don't have the co-existence we had 30 years ago. We all grew up with our neighbours calling in for a chat or a song or a dinner. All of that was such a part of Ireland, that it shouldn't be hard to go back to."



From surf to turf, and from your farm to your fork...

“At the moment in Ireland 70% of our food is imported — this was not the case 50 years ago. The industrial model of food production is eroding our soil and this cannot continue. We cannot go on like this forever. It is not sustainable, but there are solutions."


Becoming the change:

“People get freaked out by how much I want to do. But I’ve had this in my head for a long time”. – Fergal Smith 


This is an inspirational story about radical life choices and the power of being in service to something bigger than yourself. ​

Among the highlights:

  • Fergal explaining why he turned his back on his pro surfing career

  • What it means to be a leader

  • How buying a pig led to a new commitment

  • How Moy Hill CSA Farm work


Moy Hill Farm, Lackamore, Co. Clare, Ireland

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