What does becoming a member mean?

You pay us, we give you weekly boxes of produce.

Community Supported Agriculture is about sharing the risks and rewards of farming. It works by asking members to commit to buying a share of the farm’s harvest for a year in advance. In this way, your growers have the security to embrace low-input ecological production, and in return, our members’ feel a lot more connected to where their food is coming from and how it’s produced.

We grow food for you and we'd like some money/energy in exchange.
If you're looking for the membership form, go here.

How do I become a member?

Step 1: Print out the membership form

Step 2: Fill out the form

Step 3: Scan/photo/deliver the completed form to us at the farm of via email moyhillfarm@gmail.com

Step: 4: Enjoy the goodness

Can I get Matt in my box next week?

You'll have to ask him

Will I get the same veg in box each week?

It is essential that new members understand what is meant by “sharing the risks and rewards of farming”. As members receive a share of the harvest each week, they soon become aware of exactly what is in-season and how the weather affects their vegetables. If it is a good year members can enjoy a bumper share of the harvest. If, however, it is a bad year, members must also accept a smaller/less variation share.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Although we depend on your commitment to support moy hill farm, we also understand that circumstances change and members may occasionally need to cancel their subscription prematurely. In this case we ask for a minimum of two months notice.

Do you deliver my boxes?

We can do but we encourage people to come to the farm not only to reduce our environmental impact but we love for you to see the farm and all the exciting things going on.

moy hill farm = Free

Home delivery = €130 / €260

Ennistymon = €27