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 The Gathering 

As the night starts to take over the day we will be hosting our second farm gathering. Two days and three nights at moy hill farm, Co Clare. Let the food, beautiful music, inspirational workshops and discussions nourish us all. We’d love you to join in. moy hill encompasses almost 70 acres of mixed land including a lake, orchard, mini woodlands, pasture and market gardens. Bring yourselves, family, tent and wellies connect with nature and each other.




We plan to create wonder with the gift of music. Each day they’ll be local musical acts in a dry warm space. 


Daily workshops will include farming activities, talks, yoga, crafts, gardening. Many of the workshops we wish to incorporate into the 2 main days of the festival will have the intention to create connection and community, offer learning and allow and encourage people’s authentic expression.



 Tours and talks 
We want everyone to feel included in the moy hill vision and journey so walk with Fergal around the farm see the veggies, animals and physical forms of moy hill farm. We’ll be hosting conversations from the heart and mind on these topics during the weekend. They’ll be talks by people who encourage and inspire.



 Quiet time 
For a peaceful sleeping environment from 11pm - 8am each night we request respectful silence is honoured, whispers and low noises are very welcome.



 Drink and drugs 
We wish to advocate for the use of no drink or drugs on site in order to cultivate a harmonious, healthy and peaceful environment for all to be a part of and experience ways of connecting and having fun without using substances.



 Phone use 
In a similar vein, we wish that phone usage is minimised and if needed during the festival to be used off site in respect for the space that is being held