moy hill farm has grown from a back garden to 67 acres, from 1 family fed to 50+. 

What we have learned on this journey might be of use to yours.


Some areas we may be able to help:

  • getting started

  • farm planning

  • holistic management

  • community dynamics

  • grazing patterns

  • market gardening

  • building topsoil  


Tour dates will be advertised on our social media.

Our tours are a few hours walking the property sharing what we we have learnt, our plans and dreams. The tour will be hosted by Fergal and they will be available to answer questions you might have about the moy hill farm project.​ 

This tour is donation based and we welcome all to come, please bring warm dry clothing and wellies. If you would like a private tour or on a different day there is a sliding scale fee please contact us for more details. 


We like giving talks and listening, because shoveling alone will not birth a more beautiful world or clearer perception. If your festival, company or institution wants to share time and words with the moy hill farmers we would be happy to hear from you.


Start your own farm - the moy hill guide to getting up and growing <coming soon>

Learning and Links - useful websites, essays, organizations and information​.

NVC - aka Non-Violent Communication. A useful world of processes, practices and insights for more authentic living. 

Home-Schooling - We have a weekly home school meeting here at the farm. A new (old) way is gathering.

Starting your own community/farm

Coming soon...