Preparing a 'Holistic Context' was a useful action for us, as the process of its creation helped each of us dive into what we really value and aspire to.

It also functions as a reference point for future decisions e.g.

"Does planting this area in broccoli align with our holistic context?"

To find out more, try these links:

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This is our holistic context...


Decision Makers:


Fergal, Matt, Mitch, Sally


People who come to stay can make some decisions around their work/contribution



Resource Base:


Social capital: Yoga centre, farming experts, NGO’s, Environmental networks, mainstream media, surf community, chef connections, music community, social media followers / friends, writing network, healers network, local friends, businesses and supporters.


Material capital: Tractor, 2 x vans, pick up, shed, kitchen, dome, 4 tunnels, office, bathhouse, wind and solar, car, hand tools,  work clothes, guitar, chef tools, quarry, yurt, bathhouse, caravans x 4.


Financial capital 2018: - €220,000 in debt. - €56,000 from CSA membership + €7500 market + €5000 Wholesale + €50,000 farm gathering + €8000 Other events + €? Donations (we have a charity and always fundraising) + Hometree €15,000


Living capital: 27.1 hectares of mixed land, 18 chickens, 3 pigs, 2 ducks, 5 cats. 3 streams, 3 ponds, half a lake (total lake 300m x 115m) , hedgerows, bog, heather, 100 beds of veg, compost pile.


Intellectual capital: Extensive knowledge on a specific range of topics, eg nutrition, food, surfing, Ocean, weather, gardening, writing, yoga, exercise, football, knowledge of NVC, sailing, carpentry, off grid living.


Experiential capital: Project management, holding events, follow through on beliefs and values, education, off grid living, IT skills, Social media skills, communication skills, Marketing and crowdsourcing, a chef, as a mediator, community living, experience of pain and depression, as a sportsman and yogi, IT/computer skills, as a performer/musician, as a lover and dreamer, years of physical work and poverty. Seen many ups and down pass.


Spiritual capital: Yoga, song, bigger mission.


Cultural capital: Story, digital, print and word of mouth. We see ourselves as part of a bigger global movement and have access to them.


Statement of Purpose:


This farm feeds local people, through care, work, listening, learning, skill and cooperation. Loves earth through humility and regenerating landscapes. And inspires by being joyful, functional, beneficial, financially stable model of a regenerative community.


Belief Statement:


We believe in working together for a healthier community. - soil, people, plants and animals.  


Quality of Life Statements:


  • We are honest, centred and heart-open

  • We have real nourishing relationships with friends and lovers

  • We have an amazing, diverse team (local and global) who support each other in our dreams

  • We participate in producing super nourishing, local, potent, delicious healthy food

  • We are intimately aware of and connected to the growing process and the regeneration of soil.

  • We enjoy our work, have fun and make time for play

  • We encourage learning and teaching

  • We are satisfied

  • We value health in ourselves, the farm and the earth

  • We are aware of breath


Forms of Production:


  • Self-connection/practice time, as well as community/group process

  • Take risks in vulnerability; cultivate boundaries, communication skills and empathic listening.

  • Make time to connect with the people we love.

  • Nurture the relationships we have and intentionally develop new ones. Make selves available to others seeking (peace, listening, health, education etc)

  • Grow food ourselves, improve foraging/wildcrafting, protect water (esp. through community/governmental involvement) and educate where appropriate

  • Growing food in a intentionally beneficial way using our holistic framework

  • Build topsoil, maximize photosynthetic energy, manage water and nutrient cycle via intelligent ways; develop our skills through practice, education and humility

  • A culture of constantly refining our sensitivity, skills and time management

  • Events, gatherings, evening time together, fun missions to sea and land, collective effort to remember and prioritize human healing

  • An open farm where people can share their skills/experience and receive ours

  • Community events and spaces, supported or organized by us

  • A culture of self-care, movement and time in nature, where we access peak states (through meditation, athletics, dance, circling etc) and have experiences which strengthen our decisions and direction

  • A business plan and monitoring time and money. Including more dialogue and action around finance. The conscious application of money as a tool

  • Monthly meeting focused on finance and time management


Future Resource Base:


Behaviour and conduct:


  • Self connection

  • Group connection

  • Cultivate active CSA membership

  • Well maintained tools and spaces

  • Clear communications and agreement in interactions

  • Planning, preparation and leadership

  • Reaching out, skills, advice, resources

  • Vulnerability (to self and other)

  • Sharing our experiences

  • Supporting others dreams manifesting

  • Honest and fearless leadership/service

  • Flexibility (in how I get where I want to go)

  • Vision + Faith + Dedication

  • Good relations and support with neighbours

  • Low input style production

  • Open gate with clear boundaries

  • Showing a different model of food production

  • Good accounts and innovative use of cash flow

  • Respect and humble relationship towards animals




  • Sufficient areas of perennial semi wild crops (berries, fruit, nuts, herbs, fish)

  • Non intrusive cultivated land enough for my community and each community through a network of farms (vegetables)

  • Deep reverence for and skill with the animals who improve soil and give us flesh and milk

  • The county and country all eating local, skill-grown food and clean water

  • Soil, water and energy cycles improved for future generations

  • Well built low input buildings

  • Spaces for people to heal

  • Spaces for people to express their art

  • Communal living - more nourishment, more purpose, more happiness, more music

  • High levels of Top soil creation

  • Good pasture land

  • Native woodland

  • Increased Biodiversity

  • CSA and our own food needs met year round

  • Clean off grid energy

  • Healthy ecosystems

  • Saving our own seeds


You can download our holistic context here

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