moy hill is a farm: we grow worthy food, build soil, regenerate ecosystems, plant thousands of trees and flowers and work to leave what is in our care healthier than we found it. moy hill is also a community: we grow culture, honesty, accountability, reverence and joy.
























is a YES to:

- feeding our community with good food

- reforesting with more native woodland

- sovereignty over our food, water and education























Good food growing and reaching bellies in the most delicious, nourishing way possible. We care about things like: soil, wildlife, the ocean, renewable energy, animal welfare, the most vulnerable in society, and food good enough for our children.





 14,000 native trees like oak, rowan, hazel and birch have been planted on our farm. This land is protected and will become a natural woodland ecosystem over the coming years - something we see as vital for supporting animal and plant welfare. 

We have created a 300 tree apple, pear and plum orchard. You're welcome to visit!


We are currently not taking any volunteers or interns.

thank you for your patience.


Over our food, water and education

We see and feel a foundation of vibrant food, clean water, and right education as a step towards lifelong happiness, health and purpose. We cannot expect those (often decent and caring) people in ‘government’ to match and create our desires, or to perceive the subtle rhythms of our land - it is up to us. Yes, we can do it. But as old men and women, may we gather and know that we did our absolute, bravest, boldest best to leave a better world for our children.

We frequently receive visits from educational institutions (Irish and UK universities, Steiner and conventional schools etc); resourcing more of this is a key function of the farm.